Cairns Property View October

October 2017 Cairns Property View On the property front, Cairns remains in a ‘steady state’ and its rental market conditions remain very tight. The most recent HTW Valuers statistics reveal that Cairns median property prices are currently going nowhere for houses, but have varied slightly upwards for land and slightly down for units. Even though […]

Cairns Property View September

September 2017 Cairns Property View Hello again property punters, At the risk of sounding boring, the Cairns Property Market is STILL in a steady state. The latest statistics shows that median property prices have dampened in recent months for houses and for land, and have steadied for units HTW Valuers report the latest trend median […]

Cairns Property View – August 2017

AUGUST 2017 CAIRNS PROPERTY VIEW Hello again, the general property market in Cairns is in a steady state. In a recent presentation to the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, Rick Carr from Heron Todd White valuers said that it is taking much longer than normal for economic growth to feed through into job growth, to then […]

To Own a Slice of Paradise in Cairns

Tourist season promotes investors to buy their slice of paradise in Cairns. Paradise in Cairns at this time of the year brings in tourists from all corners of the planet, and why not? The perfect weather, the reef, rainforest, beaches, the Spring Racing Carnival etc. With the influx of visitors comes an increased level of […]

Cairns Property View – July 2017

JULY 2017 CAIRNS PROPERTY VIEW Hi again and Happy New Year! So with this new Financial Year comes some changes relating to property – below are 9 that you should know about as they may affect you. Commencement of the Major Bank levies and anticipated flow on increases in home and commercial lending rates. Household […]

Queensland Market Monitor – Cairns

The 2017 REIQ Cairns March Quarterly Report According to the REIQ Cairns residential property market is a solid regional performer, an outlier among regional markets in Queensland, with both sales and rentals holding steady and apartment investors in Cairns getting among the highest yields in the state for their properties. Click here for the full Cairns […]

A few hints BEFORE you buy your property

PROPERTY RESEARCH CHECKS Just like when you decide to go on holidays and you start researching all of the fun things you can do. The excitement begins, you may find yourself sneakily looking up extreme adventure activities, Googling accommodation options or browsing travel photos at midnight. The venture of buying property requires a similar level […]

Cairns Property View – June 2017

JUNE 2017 CAIRNS PROPERTY VIEW Hello, that time of the year again – the End of Financial Year, yes you may have to actually talk to your accountant. Cairns Property View sees some positivity this month. The latest HTW Valuers report shows that median property prices have increased. Their interpretation however is that this increase […]

A great way to build your business

Ever wanted to meet like-minded Cairns business owners and build connections with compatible industries? Well, you can. Our business breakfasts are well organised and friendly, encouraging the passing of referrals to each other and helping our members grow their business. Click the link below to read our full brochure. BNI Harbour View Cairns Members Booklet […]

Shop Locally to help your community

An important decision when choosing where to spend. Shop local. Did I say shop local? Do you keep your money locally and help build your community, or are you happy to support someone you don’t even know in a different city, or country..?   food for thought. Why buy local?  Here’s 10 good reasons; 1) […]