Looking to sell your property soon? Handy sellers advice…

Some of the following explanations will help sellers decide on how to sell their property properly. If you find you need more information, please contact us directly.

How to choose the right real estate agent

The agent with the biggest profile, or the flashiest car is not always the best choice. You should contact at least two or three to compare their selling techniques. One may be more suitable for you than the other based on your personal requirements, the trick is to see which agent is listening to you and which one wants to just tell you about themselves. The agent should should portray a high degree of professionalism and enthusiasm, plus be able to meet your needs. Why use an agent to sell your property?

Selling properly with Daniel Sheehan

I haven’t sold before, what do I need to know?

You will get an idea of the legal requirements from the agents you interview, the one you feel most comfortable with should be able to answer the following questions;

  •  What is your experience as an agent?
  •  Are you full time or part time?
  •  How long have you worked as an agent?
  •  Tell me about some of your recent sales.
  •  How many listings do you have?
  •  Where do you get your buyers from?
  •  What is our property worth? How do you price your property when selling?
  •  What marketing strategy suits our property?

Any other useful things I should know?

Other items you may like to think about are the quality of the promotional material and the presentation of the salesperson. You should request the contact details of recent clients and then contact these people for further insight into the agent’s services.

Take the time to ask your family, friends and associates for referrals. Stories of experiences with particular agents can prove extremely valuable to help you decide which agent to appoint. Once you have decided on the agent, a written agreement should be drawn up. This will contain an estimate of the total fees, charges and expenses you can expect to pay when your home is sold.

Read this agreement carefully and if you are unsure of any aspects, seek legal advice before signing.

A couple of misteakes made by some sellers, thanks Ellen

The sale process, what to expect.

Your chosen agent will conduct all the necessary negotiations for you. If the buyer contacts you, always refer them to the agent. The agent will present an offer made on your property to you in writing signed by the prospective purchaser. Agents are contractually obliged to present ALL offers to you. You are not obliged to accept, or even respond to an offer if you are not impressed by it.

Your options to reply are:

  •  Accept the offer
  •  Reject the offer
  •  Make a counter-offer

The buyer can then either withdraw their offer or accept your counter-offer. They could come back with their own counter-offer again.

How does the settlement process work?

The settlement date is the day you hand over possession of your property, it is the completion of the transaction. on settlement day – the balance of the purchase price is paid to you and you hand over the title deeds (legal documents stating property ownership) and keys to the buyer.

The buyer normally expects vacant possession at settlement date, and are also entitled to one last inspection prior to settlement date called the “pre-settlement” inspection. If your property is not as the purchaser expects, they could choose to delay settlement until your property is returned to the state it was at the time they made the offer.


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