Cairns Property View – March 2020

Cairns Property View – March 2020 Let’s start briefly with the “elephant in the room”.. worldwide, COVID-19 (coronavirus) has infected more than 80,000 people – mostly in China – and killed more than 2800. It is sweeping through Europe, with Italy the epicentre of the outbreak. France is also bracing for an influx of new […]

Cairns Property View – January 2020

Cairns Property View – January 2020 I hope you enjoyed your holidays and that 2020 works out very well for all of us. Remember to stay off your devices whilst driving as the Queensland Government has announced from February 1, the penalties for illegally using a mobile phone while driving are increasing from a $400 fine […]

Cairns Property View – December 2019

Cairns Property View – December 2019 Price trends for property sales remain basically flat to slightly declining for houses, but have wavered for land and units throughout 2019. The latest trend median prices, for Cairns properties sold in the month of October 2019, came in at $411,000 (houses), $206,000 (units), and $207,000 (vacant land). Twelve […]

Cairns Property View – October 2019

Cairns Property View – October 2019 The Cairns property market is still holding steady. It has had it’s share of ups and downs over the past couple of years, due in large part to the patchy local economy and a recovering tourism sector. The market standout continues to be the region’s rental sector, with vacancy […]

Cairns Property View – September 2019

Cairns Property View – September 2019 Overall, there are early signs that the housing market has stabilised however, this evidence is much more prevalent in capital cities than regional markets. Some of the property markets that have recorded significantly value falls over recent years have actually recorded value increases over the past three months. Most […]

Cairns Property View – July 2019

Cairns Property View – July 2019 Happy New Financial-Year! Welcome to “Dry July”… yes there is a website for it (, you can participate to help raise funds to improve the comfort and well-being of people affected by cancer. So far about $2million has been raised. Believe it or not one of the major sponsors […]

Cairns property View – June 2019

The general consensus from other Cairns business owners I have spoken to recently agree that the Federal Election did stall the economic activity in Cairns noticeably. The good news is that the only way from here is upwards Even better news, especially for the property market in that late in May Australia’s banking regulator announced […]

Cairns property View – April 2019

Cairns property review April 2019 The Cairns property market still looks flat; the latest REIQ Market Monitor report has recently come out, it details stats for the December Quarter 2018. I have quoted relevant sections below. “After a bumpy year or two, the Cairns property market appears to be holding its ground with prices relatively […]

… and the WINNER is…

…Craig Richardson! Well done to Craig for being the winner of the property4you “house-price guess” competition. Craig guessed within one-half a percent of the actual sale price for the house he visited last month at the open-home. For his efforts he received a beautiful gift pack hamper price valued at over $100-. There were 23 […]

Cairns Property View – Feb 2019 News

Cairns property news – February at last! The children are back at school now, employees have returned from holidays and most businesses are in full swing again for the year. On that note, I attend a weekly business breakfast on Wednesday mornings that promotes referrals to other businesses in Cairns, if anyone wants to build their […]