Cairns Property View September

September 2017 Cairns Property View

Hello again property punters,

At the risk of sounding boring, the Cairns Property Market is STILL in a steady state.

The latest statistics shows that median property prices have dampened in recent months for houses and for land, and have steadied for units

HTW Valuers report the latest trend median prices, for the month of July 2017, came in at $404,000 for a house, $225,000 for a unit, and $200,000 for a block of land. Regulatory measures designed to dampen property markets nation-wide, targeted largely at investors, have certainly done their job in Cairns, and removed all price growth from the market.

New population figures for Cairns, based on the 2016 Census, show Cairns to have an urban (Goldsborough to Ellis Beach) population of 158,949 as at 30 June 2016. Growth is still expected at 1.2% for the twelve months to June 2017, and the prediction remains at 1.4% growth for the twelve months to June 2018. Any population growth will help increase real estate activity ipso facto price increases.

Sept newsletter

Whilst retail stores are starting to display Christmas decorations, property sellers are also thinking of the festive season and gearing up for selling. To sell before the end of the year plans need to be in place very soon as the sales process and the settlement periods can often take months. Get in touch with me to plan your pre-Christmas sales journey.

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