Cairns Property View November

November 2017 Cairns Property View

Cairns property is STILL in a ‘steady state’ characterised by generally static prices.

The latest HTW Valuers analysis shows that median property prices are drifting slightly down for houses and units, but are moving slightly upwards for land. Price movements for individual properties can be mixed, but the broad view shows that prices are relatively static overall.

With properties sold in Cairns in September 2017, averages were; $405,000 for a house, $204,000 for a unit, and $213,000 for a block of land.

The amount of residential property listed for sale in Cairns has remained much the same for the past year. The overall number of properties listed for sale in the September 2017 quarter stood in trend terms at around 2,800 in, (approx. 1,800 houses and approx. 1,000 units).

It is still cheaper to buy a house in Cairns compared to Sydney for example where the average home costs just over 1 million dollars! – however, if you buy a house in Mexico, you don’t Peso much.

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