Cairns Property View – March 2020

Cairns Property View – March 2020

Let’s start briefly with the “elephant in the room”.. worldwide, COVID-19 (coronavirus) has infected more than 80,000 people – mostly in China – and killed more than 2800. It is sweeping through Europe, with Italy the epicentre of the outbreak. France is also bracing for an influx of new cases. Just today, an elderly man in Perth has become the first person in Australia to die from the coronavirus. 

Last week the Dow Jones suffered its worst one-day drop in history as the coronavirus crisis pushed global markets into one of the worst weeks since the GFC. Whether you like it or not this bug will have some sort of an effect on you as a flow-on effect one way or another.

On the bright side,  the Cairns region has had a welcome dose of heavy rains thanks to the recent low pressure systems albeit late in the monsoon season. This has definitely greened up our home town so the place is looking beautifully tropical & lush once again.

Macroeconomics vs. Microeconomics

While only three suburbs – Palm Cove (+14.3 %), Whitfield (+13.1%) and Clifton Beach (+11.5%) – posted impressive growth for last year, you don’t have to be in that suburb to gain a profit from your sale.

There are numerous ways to enhance your sale price including a freshen up weekend, this can include some touch-up painting, gardening and also de-cluttering.

So rather than focus on macroeconomic forces such as inflation, national income, gross domestic product, & Covid-19 etc. I firmly believe you can maximise your goals of achieving a successful sale on your property (despite relying on the national trends) by implementing a well-structured tailor-made approach working with an experienced agent that you feel comfortable with.

Have a great March.

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