Cairns Property View – Feb 2019 News

Cairns property news – February at last! The children are back at school now, employees have returned from holidays and most businesses are in full swing again for the year.

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A recent Cairns Post article describes how Cairns real estate is more affordable than the rest of Australia. The median house price in Cairns is about nine times the median local income, helping first home buyers to get a foot onto the property ladder ahead of other Aussies.

Their recent statistics revealed the median house price in Cairns was $414,000 while the median income was $46,190 a year. The article outlined that a single home-buyer would first need to save an average of $136,860 for their deposit. However nationally, the median house price was $567,650 and the median income was $47,692 so a typical single home-buyer would need a $281,498 deposit.

Cairns property news

My personal Cairns property news, I believe after the Federal election this year we could see some increase in Cairns property prices, and good news for INVESTORS the rental vacancy rates are remaining below 2 per cent.

4 wise tips for those INVESTORS looking to buy in Cairns are best summed up by my real estate colleague Bruce Holmes;

1. Choose the right area to buy in.
2. Try to find a property that will appeal to a wide range of tenants.
3. Choose a property that will require low maintenance.
4. Buy in a growth area.

Looking forward to helping you with your real estate needs in the future.

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