attitude of gratitude

goodbye to 2012, the troubles in Europe and the US didn’t bring the financial system to its knees, our economy performed well and our property markets didn’t collapse as some doomsayers predicted. In fact Australian markets finished the year in much better shape than they started (get your rose coloured glasses on).

while 2013 will be another interesting year and the media will continue with its barrage of negative messages, the good news is omnipresent — you just have to look for it.

with a glass half-FULL approach, here are a few things you should feel good about.

  • the IMF reported that Australia is now the world’s 12th largest economy, steadily moving its way up the list and punching well above its weight for a nation of 23 million people.
  • Swiss Banking giant Credit Suisse reported that Australians have the highest a median net worth in the world – $217,559 per person. (that’s almost 4 times the net worth of each person in the U.S.)
  • part of the reason our health system is a money pit is because we are living much longer than previously expected. (there are worse problems I could imagine).
  • Australia’s population is growing at around 1.4% per annum – faster than almost every other developed nation.
  • 94% of Australians who want a job are gainfully employed.
  • today’s personal savings rate is higher than it has been for many, many years.
  • life expectancy for someone born today is eight years longer than someone born in 1960.
  • 10 years ago, mobile phone technology consisted of a calculator and game called snake. today you can watch full-length movies, bank on line and get driving directions on a phone half the size and a fraction of the price.
  • mostly all news on the internet is FREE.  if you’re reading this article, you’re part of the 30% of the world with internet access. (70% of the planet would love to be in your shoes).
  • in 1950 you had to be rich to get on an aeroplane; today almost every Australian can afford to fly.
  • an influential study in the early 1970s predicted the world would exhaust all known supplies of oil and natural gas by 1992. “end of the world” predictions are nothing new.
  • interest rates are low, affordability is the best for a decade consumer sentiment is increasing, auction clearances are firm and prices are creeping up. Putting all this together – it looks like our property markets bottomed in the middle of 2012 and 2013 will be a better year for property.

merry christmas everyone and see you in the new year !

Daniel Sheehan

principal & licensee