To Own a Slice of Paradise in Cairns

Tourist season promotes investors to buy their slice of paradise in Cairns.

Paradise in Cairns at this time of the year brings in tourists from all corners of the planet, and why not? The perfect weather, the reef, rainforest, beaches, the Spring Racing Carnival etc. With the influx of visitors comes an increased level of property investor activity, the opportunity for owning a slice of paradise is too much for the savvy investor to resist, Australians are a nation of investors (around 1.7 million of us).

For those looking to sell their property soon, now is the perfect time to get it on the market as you get interest not only the existing buyers but also the out of town investors. To make sure your property gets noticed in the sea of competing properties currently in the market, you need to make it stand out – like that shiny pebble that catches your eye on the beach.

Dressing your home up is one way, professional companies do this sort of property presentation – it does make a difference. Other time-proven ways of making sure your property gets noticed is to make sure your agent can advertise and market you property properly for you. These are expenses that are well worth the investment, and include professional photos, newspaper ads, internet exposure, social media presence and signage.

Investment buyers_Cairns real estate

Back to our investors milling about our region in a state of holiday bliss, once they see your property they will make their decision not only on emotion (because they’re feeling great on their holidays) but also on things like: supply & demand – when demand is greater than supply, the value goes up; potential and control – the ability to affect the property’s ongoing capital growth potential, doing repairs and keep up to date, the right tenants to maximise your rental income, or even getting it rezoned for development purposes.

Recent figures from the ABS show there are now one million homes left empty across Australia (yes, a hard fact to digest). Prevent your property being one whilst selling by using this perfect weather timing – get it on the market and sold within a short time, preferably to an investor who perceives the higher value whilst in their sun-soaked holiday-bliss mode.


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